Easy beer games

easy beer games

Take it in turns to count to 21, but aim not to be the one who says "21". If you say " 21", then you have to take a forfeit. Rules vary from game to. Drinking games always seem to bust out at non- drinking establishments—a house party, a cabin getaway, a backyard barbecue. Yet nobody. Beer Olympics is a series of drinking game that involves drinking ridiculous amounts of beer and having a ton of fun. All you need is a couple. easy beer games


How To Play Thumper (Beer Game) Whoever goes out first becomes the new President for the next game, the second person becomes the Vice-President, etc… For the following rounds, anyone who ranks higher then you can tell you to drink whenever they want to. Most explicit is the front-and-center caloric branding on the front of the pint. If you want to prove you are really a man you can try to join the Century Club. Lists Home Search Listverse Our Books About Listverse. The object of this game is to get rid of all your cards. That means, in one fell swoop, you'll get a feeling of ecstasy and energy, while reducing your stress and anxiety.


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